What is an alternative high school anyway?

What makes Willard an alternative school? Alternative to what? We introduce you to the voices of Willard and talk to teachers about how what they do is different here.
Also: Meet T-Mack, a Willard senior whose life spans the life of Willard. And you’ll meet a few of the people who are “old” Willard, the ones who helped start this school unlike any other.


Tearing it all down to build it back up

When an old school comes down, it feels so personal. And people have conflicted feelings about replacing the old Willard with a parking lot for the new school going up next door. In this episode, all the building feels. Plus! Audio tours of three of our favorite classrooms with the teachers and the students who know them well.
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When your safe space is a school

 Most of us probably agree that on some level, high school sucks. Figuring out who your real friends are and just how to fit in can be rough. Then there are the stereotypes, not just within a school, but about a school. This episode is all about perceptions, stereotypes and stigmas and why Willard is sometimes the only option for students not thriving in bigger, traditional schools.


The extra episode starring a vampire named Jim

Weird Willard, Case File 22, exposes an enduring mystery about the evil lurking in the halls of this old school. Confessions! (“Absolutely, I’m a vampire.”) Evil laughs!
Toilets that may or may not be on a timer! Stay tuned for our can’t-miss bonus track.