For one semester, students in the University of Montana’s Advanced Audio class taught by Associate Professor Jule Banville reported stories in and about one unique public high school.

Here’s our crew, including snapshots of us when
we were in high school! Don’t worry, kids! It gets better!




Autumn Barnes, your host, is UM Class of 2018. She produced Tamika’s story in Episode 1, which you can listen to here.



rosie collageRosie Costain will graduate UM in 2019. She produced the story in Episode 1 about Willard’s teachers and what they do that makes Willard the alternative and unique school it is.



halisia collageHalisia Hubbard will graduate UM in 2019 with degrees in both journalism and art. She created our logo and reported Willard’s origin story, tracking down the characters who started this school.



ashley collageAshley Hawthorne, UM class of 2018, reported from the “old” Willard about why it’s destined to become rubble. Her story ran in Episode 2.



annisa 2 collageAnnisa Keith, a senior at UM, dug into what Willard’s neighbors think about the demolition and construction in their ‘hood and then took their concerns to the superintendent of schools. It ran in Episode 2.



heide collageHeide Borgonovo, class of 2019, loves a good stereotype! Her story in Episode 3 dug into the stigma that effects this alternative school and, really, all high schools.



Daylen collageDaylen Turk, class of ’18, is our producer who graduated from a high school right down the street from Willard. His story in Episode 3 is both his own and distinctly Willard’s.



lacey collageLacey Young‘s suburban Seattle high school wasn’t at all like Willard. Her story about how counselors help make Willard what it is ran in Episode 3. Lacey was also this project’s visuals editor.



zac collage

Zac Allen made the choice to go to the University of Montana, where he’ll finish up next year. But his story in Episode 3 shows that’s maybe not the right path for every high-schooler.



mia collageIf you’re wondering which of these producers’ stories is unlike any other, it’s Mia Soza‘s. In Willard Case File 34 (also known as our Bonus Episode) she tracks down Willard’s vampire. His name is Jim. Mia is also our webmaster.



jule 2 collage

Jule Banville graduated high school in 1991, which is just one reason why that hair. An associate professor at UM’s School of Journalism, she led the audio students she sent to Willard, but she ended up learning a lot more than she taught.

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